Manufacturing Execution System
Automate your Additive Operations


Know what’s going on everywhere, anytime, anywhere

  • Let your printers update you, automatically
  • See everything at a single glance in a customized dashboard
  • Receive the right alerts at the right time
  • Know the status of your orders at any time, without digging
  • Track actions per person, so you know what needs to change


Create seamless workflows by integrating with your IT, Printers and more

  • Get data from multiple devices, don’t be locked to a single manufacturer
  • Fit snuggly into your existing tools such as ERP, accounting, and PLM with our open API’s and forthcoming integration with Zapier
  • Extend the easily with modules and benefit from constant updates
  • Preserve the choice of how much of the system you use thanks to our modular structure
  • Satisfy IT requirements with our optional on-premise installation on your own servers


Make sure that you’re sweating all your assets, all the time

  • Ensure optimal layout and scheduling
  • Press print at the right time by seeing what’s coming down the order pipe
  • Use anywhere, on any device (tablet, pc, phone)
  • Customize every page to your existing workflows
  • Re-route print jobs based on asset availability with our Dynamic Distribution


Know with greater certainty when what will get done and communicate clearly with your customers

  • Keep the customer informed with automated email alerts
  • Never overpromise by allowing sales to see what resources are available, when, in a single glance
  • Track progress across multiple locations, individually or globally
  • Make sure nothing gets lost on the sorting table with smart sorting and shipping features
  • Mange material inventory automatically to make sure you always have the stock you need


In a fully digital process, quality assurance should be digital too – let 3Diax help you

  • Ensure all your processes are properly followed
  • Track who did what
  • Know quickly what works and what doesn’t with a single view of all your ongoing activities
  • Manage third-parties from within your app to make sure
  • Receive intelligent alerts that prevent you from doing the wrong thing

Extend the MES platform with
powerful 3Diax modules