Gather data from all your machines automatically, in real time, to:

  • Know what machines work best for you, and which to invest in further
  • Save material costs by identifying what materials are about to expire
  • Focus on geometries that work the best on the equipment
  • Gain an edge on your suppliers by being able to refer to incontrovertible data to show what machine or material failed you
  • Understand exactly what it cost to make something, and learn for future quotes


Save time from advanced device data capture to:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Receive alerts about challenges before they turn into problems
  • Make scheduling more efficient
  • Speed up your learning curve
  • Free time from maintaining spreadsheets to work on more important projects


Increase throughput with improved data by:

  • Knowing when which machine is underutilized
  • Ensuring you always have enough material on hand
  • Making sure that you have the right machine available for a job
  • Reducing unplanned downtime
  • Scheduling more efficiently


Use real time information to improve quality by:

  • Speeding up learning curve
  • Tracking success and failure of employees
  • Knowing better what material from what supplier works best on what machines
  • Identifying the reasons for errors and failed prints
  • Documenting and enforcing processes


Create happy customers with rich data by

  • Delivering parts on time
  • Creating a transparent process with automatic updates
  • Guaranteeing accurate quotes because you know material, machine and time availability with 100% certainty
  • Considering last minute changes with ease
  • Providing accurate and detailed traceability reporting at the drop of a hat

Add Other 3Diax Modules to Automate Further

We collect real-time printer data, we learn from and use the information to increase quality and throughput at the same time.
Improve on what you can measure!