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# Module Status Description
Secure Storage Secures & stores designs and associated information in redundant infrastructure
Geometric search Identifies associated parts based on geometric similarities
File Analysis Provides data related to the design such as polygon count, dimension
Rendering Renders 3D CAD models into 2D images with many options
Licensing & Attribution Links the design to you, with block chain
Light Weighting Generates lattice structures, improved infill and reduces part weight
Design Enhancement Makes common design changes such as wall thickening, scaling, resizing and more
Watermarking Adds serial number or secret watermark to help identify your part
Quoting Quotes parts for all different additive processes based on your cost structure
File Conversion Converts between 40+ different file types/extensions.
Support Optimization Optimizes the amount of material used for support structures
Mesh Healing Repairs models for the additive production process
Scheduling Schedules part production on a network of printers, automatically
Provider Quotes Aggregates service bureaus bid on print builds
Engineering Discussion Distributes and saves comments on design files
Delta Version Returns visual and numerical geometric differences between two 3D models
Version Control Tracks and save different versions of a design and parameters
Orientation Provides orientation options with associated metrics
Toolpath Generates G-Code or other machine instruction specific to your machine type
Material Handling/Order Tracks, optimizes and reorders materials used in production
Nesting Finds the optimal distribution of parts in a print bed of across multiple print beds
Simulation Simulates the production process with physics based models; suitable for a variety of uses
Machine Control Starts, pauses, and controls production on your devices from anywhere
Secure Delivery Streams or transfers encrypted design via TLS v1.2, AES-256 block cipher
In-process Monitoring Detects print failure with computer vision and uses machine learning to predict maintenance needs
Machine Analytics Analyses historic data to determine utilization rates, material usage and much more
Post Production Tracking Prompts, lists and records activities made throughout the production process
Certification Uses data acquired in pre-, mid- and post production phases to qualify based on set criteria
Reporting Provides access to production data and derivatives (such as utilization); searchable by serial number, etc.


Find the best solution for each one of your use cases, implement once and use them interchangeably.

  Mesh Healing
Flawed models can cause and contribute to print failures and the MakePrintable feature automatically corrects and repairs most problems.
  Geometric Search
SIEMENS Geolus® geometric search engine identifies similar designs within set parameters.
  Mesh Healing
With Autodesk Spark®, any application can prepare, optimize and deliver 3D models for any 3D printer or service bureau.
  File Conversion
ProtoTech® specializes in engineering software around 2D/3D visualization and interoperability solutions.


The range of modules is continually expanding thanks to market-leading companies
already using 3DIAX as a distribution hub to seamlessly deploy their tech to our user base.

We are very excited about 3Diax and believe that platform integration will help create a comprehensive solution to solve several 3D printing issues that include ensuring the printability of 3D content utilizing our mesh healing and repairing system.

Mo Taslaq CEO of Makeprintable



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