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Frank Speck, our VP of International Business Development, will be a panelist at GABA  on May 10th in Irvine, CA.

A Future without Warehouses and Trucks?

“3D Printing” (Additive Manufacturing) and “Smart Manufacturing” (internet or network connected and computer controlled manufacturing equipment and processes) in general are currently revolutionizing entire industries. A process often referred to as the “4th Industrial Revolution” or “Industry 4.0”. Real-time data feedback from sensors in manufacturing processes has already enabled new levels of efficiency.

But the smart factory of the future will generate and use a staggering flow of information, allowing real-time insight into production timing, conditions, and risks. Manufacturers will be challenged to learn from their data not only to gain an edge in production but to develop adaptive complementary options and services for their products, generating new revenue streams.

3D Printing is also upending conventional wisdom on the supply side. Rather than mass produce, store and ship a tangible product, “manufacturers” of the future may develop designs, technology, and know-how that enable their customers to make customized products on-site, in real time, as needed. The information (data) becomes the product being sold. Imagine the consequences….no more warehouses, no more trucks.

Both, Smart Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing are growing exponentially, requiring exponential growth also in creative strategies.

More than ever, this new era requires you to “disrupt yourself”, before someone else does!

Join us for another fun and exciting event.


Location: +GF+ Georg Fischer Piping Systems, 9271 Jeronimo Rd, Irvine, CA 90818
Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017,  5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Pacific

Week in Review: October 18th to 24th – Standardization

Here we go again, another week in review for our wonderful following (and newcomers!).

This week is all about standardization: AM standards, legal conundrums and a plea for IIoT to get over the myths that have held it back, such as the need for standardization. Airbus has made ULTEM™ 9085 the standard material for components of its A350 XWB aircraft, bolstering a $15 billion material supply contract with Hexcel Corp. In the mean time, 3D printing’s rising potential to disrupt industrial manufacturing is being analyzed with a series of questions that pose product liabilty under a new light.

Let’s have a deeper look.

$15 billion Boost to 3D Printing Companies from Airbus Contract

Airbus have just announced it is standardizing on ULTEM™ 9085 3D printing material for use in the A350 XWB. OPM partners Hexcel Corp were also included in the Airbus announcement with the news of an update to their $15 billion supply contract. Hexcel make a range of advanced materials including composites for aerospace. ULTEM™ 9085 is a high-performance thermoplastic, offering similar possibilities to PEKK.

Read more about it at 3D Printing Industry.

Products Liability in the Digital Age: Legal Issues Generated by Additive Manufacturing

Although products liability laws are slightly different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, new legal questions are beginning to arise with the advent of additive manufacturing. In the AM context, for the first time courts will need to address the seemingly obvious threshold questions of “What is the Product?” and “Who is the Manufacturer?”. AM also raises interesting questions concerning what specific theories of liability may be available to plaintiffs alleging injury from 3D-printed products.

Read the full article at Inside Counsel.

Busting 3 Industrial Internet of Things myths

Image for Busting 3 Industrial Internet of Things myths

Unlike consumer markets where standardization, formal or by market dominance, is key to success, for IIoT standardization won’t be a concern for decades. For industries wishing to pursue IIoT it is just to accept that for the foreseeable future there won’t be any standards on how to connect up all their things.

Check out this and two other major IIoT myths at Information Age.


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