Where does 3D Printers’ innovation go from here? (Authentise Weekly News-In-Review – #125)

Modern 3D printers have come a long way since patents started expiring. Yet, we can rest assured that the end of innovation is not in sight. Many stones still left to turn. Authentise is on the frontline of software that enables production-scale AM. Implementing a more sophisticated brain within 3D printers, capable of acting on the print in different ways, is a very exciting thought and something that Inkbit and others are finally bringing to market. On the hardware side, 3D printers themselves can be improved upon, also by the same design processes that AM is bringing elsewhere. Fewer parts, easier assembly, more efficient, these are all benefits that could lower the machines’ cost and improve usability. Discovering new pathways to innovation is a group effort and it’s always fantastic news when partnerships are born to bring together material sciences, production tech, and software to promising new horizons.

MIT: Inkbit Creates 3D Printers with Eyes, Brains & Vast Capabilities

Inkbit is ready to disrupt in a radical way, with a plan to create volumes of new products via their new multimaterial inkjet 3D printer imbued with a vision system that scans each layer being fabricated and corrects any errors. Not only that, these ‘eyes’ are forward thinking and can actually foresee potential issues with warping—allowing the user to fix any problems and go on to print successfully.

Read more about it on 3DPrint.com

HP’s new 3D printer has 3D-printed parts


[HP] has unveiled its HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printer, which it said will deliver high-quality parts at industrial levels of efficiency and accuracy. Some of the components of the printer are themselves 3D-printed, such as the part below, which uses vibration to fluidise powder: 3D printing allowed it to be redesigned to reduce the assembly from 30 parts to just 6.

Read the full article at ZDNet.

The Power Of Partnership In 3D Printing: Impossible Objects And BASF

Impossible Objects' new CBAM-2 3D printer.

Disruptive digital-industrial technologies break down traditional barriers; new partnerships and collaborations are the fastest way to exploit their full potential. The partnership between 3D Printing startup Impossible Objects and chemical giant BASF, announced last month at the RAPID + TCT additive manufacturing conference, is a case in point. […] The combination of Impossible Objects’ new technology and BASF’s new PA6 allows a broader range of production possibilities, especially in the automotive and industrial sectors, with higher speed and throughput, at more affordable prices—an important step to help 3D printing achieve greater scale.

Read the rest at Forbes.

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Innovation Hubs, focusing on the AM of tomorrow (Authentise Weekly News-In-Review – Week 27)

It is certain that AM is now becoming a staple of every product development laboratory on the planet. Some companies are taking their position to a whole new level by putting efforts and resources in AM innovation hubs. These facilities elevate the ability to delve deeper into AM, both in the present product development and in technology research for tomorrow’s machines. Private companies, like Parker Hannifin, are investing big in new facilities which will allow their engineers to explore new applications of emerging technologies and up their industrial advantage. On a larger scale, the UAE has recently opened their first ever 3D printing facility, part of a strategy to be world leaders in AM by 2030. By focusing so much on the capabilities of AM, businesses can come up with novel products for their market: Michelin came up with a new concept tire entirely revolving on 3D printing technology.

Parker Opens New Additive Manufacturing Facility to Accelerate Innovation in Product Design and Manufacturing

Parker Additive Manufacturing Facility

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has opened a new state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing learning and development center […]. The facility will serve as a center of excellence where Parker engineers can explore new applications of emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics.

“Material printing technology is moving quickly towards commercial viability,” said Craig Maxwell, Vice President – Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. “The new facility and engineering talent located here represent an investment in the future of manufacturing.”

Read more here.

Launch of UAE’s first-ever 3D printing facility with Immensa Labs

SLS parts produced by Immensa Labs. Photo via Emirates 24/7.

The facility, which is based in Dubai, is part of the Dubai 3D printing strategy which was launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The strategy aims to promote global implementation of 3D printing “for the service of humanity and promote the status of the UAE and Dubai as a leading hub of 3D printing technology by the year 2030.”

There are ample opportunities for organisations in the UAE to adopt AM to enhance their efficiencies and competitiveness, and we are focused on providing world-class and viable 3D printing solutions. – Fahmi Al-Shawwa, CEO of Immensa Technology Labs

Read more about the lab here.

Michelin unveils airless, biodegradable, 3D printed concept tire

The VISION concept tire. Photo via Jimmy Hamelin/Michelin.

At its International Mobility summit, Movin On, French tire manufacturer Michelin unveiled a new concept tire that is both airless and created with a 3D printer. Announcing the tire this week in Montreal, Canada, Michelin proposes a design for the future of sustainable mobility. The tire is rechargeable, biodegradable, complete with sensors for real-time monitoring, and claims to be completely 3D printed.

[…]VISION is possible since it is based on R&D know-how and we can already see the future applications, on which the Group is now working. It’s a promise that is within reach. – Mostapha El-Oulhani, Head of VISION Project

Read more about the concept tire here.

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