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Thanks, Josh! Check Out These Tips from Authentise for Avoiding Pesky 3D Print Failures

Bridget Butler Millsaps

"Prevention is the best medicine, as well all know, and Authentise is working to help you beat the problems to the punch. Thanks to Joshua Cloward, a previous intern just bumped up to software developer, we’re getting a whole host of tips–the kind you may want to go to the trouble of 2D printing and taping on the workshop wall. "

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3D Printing with Python at Authentise

Michael Kennedy

"You've heard of the full-stack developer and full-stack Python, but this week Authentise is taking it to a new level with Python all the way from the cloud to the client to the printer. It's all about 3D printing with Python on episode 23 with Eli Ribble. You'll learn how Eli and his team are using Python to allow independent makers to sell their designs while retaining control over the IP and copyrights. Plus, you'll learn about the most common and the craziest thing that Eli has seen printed lately. "

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Authentise Introduces 3Diax — An Independent Platform For the 3D Ecosystem

Rachel Park

"Authentise is today introducing 3Diax a new secure storage and application platform for 3D files, and believes that as an independent platform it will provide the missing link for the 3D printing ecosystem. To achieve this, the company has partnered with key 3rd party software providers to ensure that the 3Diax platform will be fully equipped with all of the tools needed for 3D enabled applications."

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Authentise Helps Lowe's Innovation Labs Build 3D Printing Experience For Consumers

TJ McCue

" This effort to bridge the gap between consumers and 3D printing is admirable because it gives consumers access to the tools. But more so because it charts a new path, a model for how other retailers and businesses, large and small, can offer 3D services."

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3dfilemarket Partners with Authentise to Allow Users & Designers Greater Ease & Copyright Protection

Bridget Butler Millsaps

"Ultimately this will lead to better designs being shared and 3D printed that will help 3D printing continue to advance," Cotton told "Also without having to download a model, import into a slicing software, set the parameters and then send to a 3D printer, the user experience will be made more streamlined and easier."

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This is the future: Andre Wegner – How 3D Printing is killing manufacturing

Alex Hogg

"The really exciting part for me in the technology is that we have this very expensive failure – the most expensive failure that exists out there – and we have an emerging alternative. It’s not quite there yet. It’s just developing but companies like Authentise or other companies are out there, that are building the different pieces that belong in that value chain and are making it a reality."

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Lowe’s Lets Customers 3-D Print Their Own Parts

Rachael King

Authentise CEO Andre Wegner said he’s got dozens of ideas about how to broaden the service to appeal to home improvement shoppers. “It becomes a production center for customization and end-of-life parts,” he said.

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Lowe's Lets Consumers Run Wild With 3D Printing

by Ashley Rodriguez

Let's say you have a broken wall sconce that was made in the '40s or a faceplate that has been discontinued. With Lowe's 3D technology, created in partnership with the Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Authentise, you can bring the items in, scan them and print them. You can also modify the design, if, for example, you like different aspects of two door knobs or need to scale the dimensions.

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3D Licensing Platform Authentise Partners with 3D Sex Toy Marketplace SexShop3D

by Scott J Grunewald

A few years ago if you asked what a 3D printer was the typical answer would be questions about where the paper went. But ask that question now, and you’re more likely to get a serious answer. The endgame for 3D printing was always eliminating the manufacturing step between sellers and consumers, and Authentise is helping businesses like SexShop3D do exactly that.

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The Current Status and Impact of 3D Printing Within the Industrial Sector: An Analysis of Six Case Studies

by Phil Reeves and Dinusha Mendis

Commercial digital signature software to verify the authenticity of a document has existed for over thirty years and as discussed in the final case study presented in this report - “Designers Perspective: How to Protect and Monetise your Digital Assets” - there are already AM-specific Technological Protection Measure tools available such as Authentise that aim to protect a designer’s intellectual property rights.

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Authentise Gives Computer Vision to Printers

by Davide Sher

It is amazing and fascinating to me every time I realize how many different fields of expertise need to converge to make 3D printing work. Design, material science and hardware engineering are just the main parts, there are so many more before, during and after phases: Authentise is about software driven 3D printing optimization and it is now using its expertise to give 3D printers better computer vision.

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Computer Algorithms Monitor Your 3D Print

by Brian Krassenstein

If you happen to be at home, then you can check on the print every fifteen minutes or so, but what if you happen to be out of the home or office during a lengthy print? Authentise, based out of Singularity University in Mountain View, California, believes they have found a solution.

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The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2015

by JWT Intelligence

Pundits and futurists, meanwhile, continue to raise concerns over intellectual property and quality control. This is set to change in 2015, says Sophie Hackford, director of Wired Consulting: “I’m watching a raft of service providers appearing that will make it real for business.” These include authentication companies such as Authentise, which helps 3D designers optimize their designs and protect and stream design files to print to ensure quality control.

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Many retailers can legally force suppliers to switch to 3D printing

by Liat Clack

Many retailers can legally force suppliers to switch to 3D printing, Authentise founder Andre Wegner revealed to the audience at WIRED Retail.

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Autodesk Announces $100 Million Fund & Authentise Partnership

by Bridget Butler Millsaps

Additionally today Autodesk announced a partnership with Authentise, a leading licensing platform for 3D printing. They provide a framework and layer of protection to those looking to secure their intellectual property. Autodesk will be auintegrating features found within the Authentise platform into their various software applications.

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3D printing and the streaming model are changing everything

by James Haight

How streaming design files can give us physical objects 'on-demand'.

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Authentise launches streaming service for 3D print files


This week Authentise launched what it is claimed as the world's first API to stream 3D print files at DEMO Enterprise 2014. The API gives owners of digital designs the opportunity to get paid per print without giving customers access to full design files.

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Authentise Announces Streaming Service & Believes it Will Disrupt Supply Chains

by Rachel Park

Today sees Authentise launch what it is billing as the world’s first API to stream 3D print files. The announcement is being made at the DEMO Enterprise 2014 event, produced by the IDG Enterprise events group.

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Authentise: 3D Printing IP Protection Rises

by Kerry Stevenson

A new startup company hopes to provide DRM-like services for 3D printing. Authentise wants to solve the problem of "losing" 3D models by using two different approaches.

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'Spotify for 3D printing' launches stream

by Sumi Das

BBC Click's Sumi Das looks at how object design is being protected from piracy, creating an opportunity for developers to realise their dreams rather than a risk of them being taken for free.

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Is digital piracy possible on any object?

by Alex Hudson

First it was music, movies and novels, but now everything appears to be at risk of piracy. But with a "Spotify for objects" being set up, is it an opportunity for developers to realise their dreams or is there a big risk of their ideas being taken for nothing?

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New 3D printing DRM copies Netflix's moves to blockade physical pirates

by Ian Paul

Authentise's approach indeed holds appeal. If you needed to print out a new leg for an Ikea side table, it would be better to get the official 3D design rather than a random CAD drawing pulled off The Pirate Bay's Physibles section.

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Copy Protection for 3-D Printing Aims to Prevent a Piracy Plague

by Tom Simonite

People in the 3-D printing world have talked for years about the possibility of unauthorized copying and sharing of designs. Now the first commercial solution to this as-yet theoretical problem is preparing to launch.

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3-D Printing Stirs Copyright Clash On Homemade iPhone Gear

by Olga Kharif & Susan Decker

Mindful of potential litigation, several startups are developing software to protect designs distributed on 3-D printing sites. Mountain View, California-based Authentise will stream instructions directly to 3-D printers, eliminating file downloads.

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