Authentise builds tools to empower additive manufacturing businesses.

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3DIAX All-in-one additive manufacturing developer platform

3DIAX stores models in a durable, redundant and free storage cloud facility with access to dozens of features developed by Authentise and others, including rendering, parameter control, model manipulation, slicing and others and full access to Authentise's Design Streaming API and Computer vision-based Print Monitoring tool.

3DIAX also represents an exciting opportunity for application developers, who can use the platform to provide access to their solutions in an integrated workflow.

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Secure Design Delivery

Our secure design delivery prepares and optimizes designs, securely sending them directly to printers.

Our security tools enable direct-to-machine design transfer. Ensure your content is protected from intellectual property theft, that integrity of the design is maintained, and that you get paid per print. Authority to print and business rule filter can be centrally administered and updated, the service is available as API and soon as hosted version.

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Print Monitoring Computer vision

Authentise’s print monitoring tool uses an off-the-shelf webcam to monitor your print progress with cutting-edge computer vision.

If it detects a deviation from the intended build progress, you will be informed by email or text. You can also pause your print remotely and address the failure later saving time and material.

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Authentise provides a possibility to offer a more nuanced licensing solution that benefits both the author and the customer. We believe that this solution will encourage 3D designers to upload and sell their 3D printable models without any reservations.

Marius Kalytis CEO of CGTrader.

Our clients

Over a dozen companies already use Authentise to intermediate their prints.

Our work and thought leadership have earned us a strong reputation.

We are always very happy to share our insights and discuss the future of the industry with a broader audience.
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Every opportunity is a great opportunity to share some thoughts and insights on 3D printing.

Authentise's first principles

Platform agnostic

We are committed to build a reliable and enjoyable 3D print experience across different platforms and machines.

User oriented

Our products are built to be easy to use without restricting users from having control over their 3D printers.


We plan, design and develop software to be adaptable to our clients' business needs.

For business

Our platform is well thought out to help to unlock high quality 3D printable content. More prints mean more printers, more material and lower prices, benefiting the ecossystem.