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Our Team

Andre Wegner
Founder & CEO
Eli Ribble
Karla Lopez
Sales & Product
Andre is a Singularity Grad, MSc Business, MA Int Relations. He worked in VC in Nigeria, also did consulting in India and led in-house incubations.
Eli Ribble holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and MSc in CS from the University of Utah. He has developed streaming cloud applications from mobile apps to server backend architecture and everything between.
Karla was part of first class of Startup Chile in 2011 and worked for startups in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Silicon Valley. Also a Singularity Grad.
Caryn Linn
Office Manager
Yani Iliev
Senior Developer
Scott Lemmon
Senior Developer
Caryn's career spans over 25 years, including numerous Silicon Valley start-ups. She assisted 4 M&As and also founded a non-profit to support the local area animal shelter. Her volunteer work has been awarded with a MLK "Mover of Mountains" Award and a Congressional Recognition.
Yani was part of the team that created Google Wave. He was leading startups in Silicon Valley and Asia and holds a BSc in Computer Science.
Scott is an engineer with experience designing mechanical, hardware and software systems. He has worked for a wide range of companies, from a large conglomerate in Japan to an early startup in the US.
Nicholas Cloward
Software Architect
Anusha Iyer
Developer & Computer Vision Boss
Joshua Cloward
Developer & 3D Printer Vet
Nicholas has over ten years of experience in full stack web development. He has worked on many projects including Canvas by Instructure, DoD apps etc. Nicholas has a BSc in IT with an emphasis in web development.
Anusha is super excited when it comes to image processing and machine learning. She has completed her Masters in Computer science from UNC, Charlotte. When she is not analyzing images, she is surely being creative designing or decorating.
Joshua is a innovative thinker who loves learning new things and has a passion for Computer Science. He has experience in JavaScript, Python, Ruby and front-end development. His schooling includes CS courses at Weber State university and a Web development boot camp focused in Ruby